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SUSE Manager Management Pack 3


Three reasons to give it a try and turn your datacenter into a true interoperability powerhouse

We are pleased to announce our third generation of SUSE Manager Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). It features improved installation process, flawless integration into the APIs of SUSE Manager 3 and preserves all backward compatibility with previous SUSE Manager versions.

SUSE Manager Management Pack is a SUSE-maintained piece of .Net code that was co-developed by SUSE and Microsoft, to tie into SCOM’s notification system. It adds the mighty Linux system management proficiency of SUSE Manager to Microsoft System Center. This includes the capability to perform various tasks from the Operations Center management console, such as:

  • review available Linux OS updates
  • execute Linux system patching or reboot
  • execute remote command
  • provision systems based on templates

Why should you talk to your SUSE representative and try it out today? Here are the top three reasons:

  • Your Windows admins will love it. They are curious to get their hands on some Linux machines. They are however smart enough to know that Linux comes with a steep learning curve and Linux system management can be intimidating. The Management Pack lowers the barrier to knowledge entry and your Microsoft-trained folks can gain Linux experience from their favorite and familiar SCOM management console. The Management Pack is the secret ingredient here.
  • Our customers spoke of a real interoperable solution and we listened. We gave them the Management Pack – few Linux open-source companies can show a .NET piece of software in their portfolio!
  • The Management Pack makes the lives of your admins easier – being able to control and manage Linux machines from a Windows management solution is both pleasant and needed.

So how does it work and what can we do with it?

SUSE Manager Management Pack installs in SCOM under the Unix/Linux Computers section. Installation is a breeze and requires both SUSE Manager and Microsoft System Center to be working prior to installation. See more in the short video below:


Reach out today and ask your SUSE representative for a free trial.

Find full details on the SUSE website and the SUSE Manager Management Pack white paper.

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