SUSE Manager Management Pack 2.1 for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager


Introducing the latest SUSE Manager’s Management Pack for Microsoft System Center.

It features:

  • Seamless integration with SUSE Manager 2.1
  • Improved GUI look and feel
  • Improved patch and server information export to comma separated values

Five ways to lower data center complexity with the Management Pack

The Management Pack is SUSE’s solution for driving down datacenter intricacies and a true proof of Windows-to-Linux interoperability effort. The Management Pack is co-developed with Microsoft and offers Windows administrators an advanced view or their Linux estate. What is more, in addition to viewing green on red Linux server status, the Management Pack allows Microsoft admins to:

  • view patch and security fix information
  • filter which systems are eligible for what fixes
  • apply updates immediately or schedule installation later
  • run remote commands and reboot Linux systems
  • provision systems via preconfigured autoYaST or Kickstart profiles

What is the secret?

The secret ingredient comes from SUSE Manager! The Management Pack makes calls into SUSE Manager’s rich API for various tasks such as viewing or installing patches and many more. SUSE Manager then does the work.

The Management Pack adds the mighty management capabilities of SUSE Manager and places them in the hands of Windows administrators by plugging into System Center’s look, feel and notification system. Once the Management Pack is installed, System Center Operations Manager adds a Patch Management view under UNIX/Linux Computers > Linux.

What does the Management Pack look like?

Screenshot from System Center

Screenshot from System Center

Can the Management Pack manage other distributions?

Yes, you are paying attention! When the benefits of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with expanded support are added, SUSE Manager can easily handle centOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux too.

Two quick technical tips:

  1. For trouble-free installation follow these steps prior to installing the Management Pack:
    • Be sure that all Linux servers are discovered and monitored by System Center.
    • SUSE Manager has also discovered and is managing all Linux machines
    • All Linux servers carry proper technical subscriptions compliant with your internal software policies (keeps you out of trouble with the audit folks!)
    • Install the Management Pack from System Center
  1. During the installation process the Management Pack will ask for credentials to SUSE Manager. If these need to be changed later, look for the green “SUSE Manager MP Settings” icon on the desktop.
Management Pack settings

Management Pack settings

View the product demos:

or the white paper on Managing Linux Servers from System Center for more in-depth information.

Alternatively, here is the link to the product page for SUSE Manager’s Management Pack.

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