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SUSE Linux Support in Lenovo XClarity Drives Data Center Efficiency


If you’re like most companies, you have standards. In the data center, these standards translate to consistency for your servers, networking, storage and operating system images, and help enable the use of value-added tools for deployment, monitoring and management of the infrastructure. For this reason, it’s important that the tools you use support your standards and leverage the capabilities of the hardware and software on which your infrastructure is built.

Two of the most important infrastructure components deployed in your data center are servers and their operating systems. The ability to minimize human interaction and use a software application to automate the deployment of these components will benefit your organization in several ways. The operating system will be installed and configured exactly the same on multiple systems all while meeting your organizational standards. Installation will decrease due to the automation, and your most expensive resources will not need to focus on repetitive operating system installations. They can use the extra time to focus on something of value to the business.

Lenovo XClarity is a resource management solution designed to simplify and automate foundational resource management tasks while enabling you to manage resources on your own terms. With its latest release, Lenovo XClarity supports deployment of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for bare-metal deployment. Because XClarity supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Lenovo customers can easily roll out the latest offerings from SUSE to ensure their data center is operating with the highest efficiency out of the box.

“Because of the demand to rapidly and securely deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers to bare-metal Lenovo servers, we needed to quickly develop a solution. Because of our joint development with SUSE, we accelerated the time to delivery of this feature and help meet the customers’ demand to rapidly provision SUSE Linux Enterprise on bare-metal Lenovo servers,” said Andrew Sloma from Lenovo Enterprise Software Development team. “Now Lenovo customers can leverage existing Lenovo XClarity infrastructure without the need to create a SLES installation infrastructure.”

SUSE and Lenovo will continue to collaborate on additional XClarity configuration patterns that combine SUSE solutions with Lenovo enterprise systems. By effectively managing physical systems and reducing server deployment time, Lenovo customers are able to roll out solutions more quickly on top of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server while ensuring compliance to data center standards and ultimately increasing agility. In the end, it all translates into improved processes and savings for our customers.

For more information on XClarity go here, and on jointly engineered SUSE and Lenovo solutions go here.

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