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SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing in the SLE 15 Beta Program!


SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing now officially part of the SLE 15 Beta Program!

As part of the (upcoming) major version of SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing (HPC) is now a dedicated SLE product base on SLES 15. This product is available for the x86_64 and ARM aarch64 hardware platforms.

So you can now request beta registration code for SLE-HPC 15 on x86_64 or aarch64.

With the new SLE 15 Installer, there is now a single unified way to install one of the SLE products: the SLE HPC 15 option will set up the installation including the HPC module and lets the user chose between system roles customized for HPC which will simplify the installation of development, control and compute nodes.

HPC components

The HPC Module offers components to address several aspects in High Performance Computing.

  • A workload manager (slurm),
  • Cluster management software (mrsh, pdsh, conman, etc),
  • Cluster monitoring (ganglia),
  • An environment module system (Lmod),
  • Multiple MPI implementation selectable thru environment modules (OpenMPI v2, mvapich2, mpich) with support for Infiniband and OPA in close cooperation with major fabric manufacturers,
  • Computational libraries built for use with environment modules, the MPI versions of these exist for all supported MPI flavors,
  • Development and benchmarking tools.

The release frequency of these computation libraries will be much higher than software for SLES in general.

The environment modules does not only allow the cluster administrator install variants built for different MPI flavors on the same system but also to keep multiple versions of these libraries installed in parallel. It will also allow the user to select between libraries built with different compilers or different compiler optimizations.

More on SLE-HPC

Today, SUSE Linux Enterprise already runs on half of the top 100 HPC systems, SUSE Partners with major players in the HPC eco system:

  • AMD, Intel, NVIDA …
  • Cray, HPE/SGI, Fujitsu, NEC, Mellanox, Qlogic, …
    It provides technologies like:

  • Tickless Kernel which brings huge power savings, a 3 percent performance improvement on classic systems and which is essential on Many Core systems like Intel Xeon Phi.
  • Automatic NUMA Balancing
  • PREEMMPT_RT (Linux-based real-time) which allows for tighter synchronization on HPC clusters with significant efficiency gains.

This together with 3rd party technologies – like Lustre, NVIDIA Cuda, AMD ROCm – makes SUSE Linux Enterprise HPC a first class choice for High Performance Computing.

SLE 15 Public Beta Program

If you want to know more about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Beta, please visit:



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  • George Kirn says:

    Old man with a Suse machine!
    I am an Suse user than has my own machine.. I started back in .96 kernel and my first Suse was 4!
    I am excited about Suse and just wanted to say hi! Can you also try to help me in use of your beta offer?? I am just a desktop client x64.. any info thanks George in Chicagoland.. N9pno

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