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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Available on Sun x64 Workstations


Novell announced that SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell is now available from Sun Microsystems on Sun* Ultra* Workstations. The Sun Ultra 20, Ultra 20 M2, Ultra 40 and Ultra 40 M2 Workstations are available with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, certified and supported by Sun. The workstations have been fully tested and YES Certified? to run SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, a complete desktop computing solution that dramatically reduces costs, improves end-user security and increases workforce productivity.

“Sun is very pleased to extend our broad Linux OS offering on the Sun Ultra 20 and Ultra 40 Workstation to include SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10,” said David Simmons, Sun senior director of x64 Server/Workstation marketing. “SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop provides a compelling workstation-targeted offering for EDA, CAD/CAM, Oil & Gas, and other workloads. As a premier enterprise Linux distribution, SUSE Linux Enterprise offers Sun customers a vital platform for Sun’s x64 workstation line based on AMD Opteron processors.”

Roger Levy, Novell vice president and general manager of Open Platform Solutions, said, “Sun engineering workstations and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop are ideally suited for each other, focusing on speed, reliability and value for end-user customers. Whether handling compute-intensive engineering applications or routine office tasks, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop provides an efficient, user-friendly environment for workers and a cost-effective platform for the organization. This match is another example of Novell’s commitment to providing desktop-to-data center solutions that meet customer needs.”

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, engineers can use a single, high-performance workstation to perform both engineering tasks and office productivity activities, while benefiting from the added security of Linux* and Novell AppArmor?. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop delivers ease of use and innovative features including three-dimensional desktop graphics, high-end video driver support, integrated search and a fully compatible office productivity suite through the Novell edition of 2, all at a price that’s a small fraction of the cost of proprietary operating system and office suite alternatives. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is well suited for engineering workstations as well as general knowledge worker desktops.

Terri Hall, AMD vice president of Software Alliances and Solutions, said, “AMD is pleased that Novell and Sun are able to provide these high-performing AMD processor-based workstations for customers. Sun workstations with AMD* Opteron* processors running SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop will address a growing market segment that is demanding the benefits of Linux on high-performance personal workstations.”


The Sun Ultra 20, Ultra 20 M2, Ultra 40 and Ultra 40 M2 Workstations with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 are now available from Sun Microsystems. For more information, visit For more about SUSE Linux Enterprise offerings from Novell, visit

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