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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 Is Here!


SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 is here! As part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 platform upgrade, this exciting, high-sizzle release brings your customers the following enhancements:

> Upgrades to all key productivity applications like Novell Edition, Mozilla Firefox, Novell Evolution email & calendaring, and more
> Richer multimedia capabilities including support for Microsoft Silverlight, and Advanced Audio Coding, Microsoft Windows Media Audio and Microsoft Windows Media Video files
> Green IT innovations like CPU throttling, switching off the hard drive when it is not needed and dimming the display when the desktop is idle
> PolicyKit feature that secures access to privileged processes but keeps user flexibility in mind
> Enhancements to user accessibility and wired, wireless, and wireless broadband connectivity

With this product, you can also capitalize on the growing interest in low-cost, emerging form factors like netbooks and nettops. Perhaps most importantly, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 gives you a strong response to customers and prospects looking for more cost-effective solutions to help them weather the current worldwide recession. Underscoring this opportunity is a recent market study, conducted by IDC and sponsored by Novell, in which 68 percent of IT executives indicated they are actively evaluating or have already decided to increase their adoption of Linux on the desktop.

> Read the Novell press release on this study:
> Read the related IDC white paper and listen to the IDC podcast:

You can also use the following resources to spark sales conversations and help your customers and prospects learn more about this exciting product:

> Check Out SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 YouTube Videos:
> Promote the Data Center Evolution Tour :
> Access Business Presentation:
> Access Technical Presentation:
> Access Product Flyer:
> Access Product Data Sheet:
> Access Product Battlecard:
> Access Reviewer’s Guide:
> Read FAQ:

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