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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 2 – The Best Enterprise OS


November 8th is special in many ways. SUSECON 2016 has presented us with an awesome opportunity to be in Washington D.C. on this day when we will get to know the 45th president of United States of America. Thank you SUSECON!

Also, today at SUSECON, SUSE announced the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2. For the first time all supported architectures –from A to Z – are available at the same time (ARM including Raspberry Pi, IBM POWER Systems, x86-64 and IBM z Systems/LinuxONE). A big milestone for SUSE & huge benefit for our customers and partners.

As you know, SUSE announced the first ever public beta of Service Pack 2 earlier this year and since then SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP2 has earned rave reviews from partners and beta testers worldwide. The public beta provided a preview opportunity to developers from 370+ companies across 50+ countries.

So, what’s new with Service Pack 2 and why is everyone so excited about it?

Well, there is something for everyone and if you are looking to stay ahead of the innovation curve then you surely want to pay attention.

Telecom operators and advanced data centers can set a foundation for the Network Function Virtualization capabilities and enhance their overall Software Defined Networking solution.

NVDIMMs may surprise you with the scope of new apps that are possible. If you were thinking of enhancing the performance of database apps or looking at next-gen apps for persistent memory then you can start now and be ready for those deployments, rather than play catch-up down the line. NVDIMM capability is well integrated into SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, so you can benefit from the opportunity for early adoption.

Go ahead and adapt to new technologies in your data centers to reduce power hungry infrastructure and replace it with power efficient ARM 64 architectures. Don’t be left behind in catching the wave of new uses for the Raspberry Pi. SUSE is one of the first to bring enterprise support for Raspberry Pi and 64-bit ARM v8-A platforms.

In mixed IT environments you can easily stay ahead of the curve with full support for IBM Power Systems, OpenPOWER servers and the newest virtualization capabilities of IBM KVM and z/VM.

If you are a system admin, SUSE engineers feel your pain when you need to recertify the software stack for FIPS 140-2. We are continuously working to ensure the certifications stay valid with Service Pack 2 so you can meet FISMA requirements with ease.

Developers are leading the innovation at SUSE Package Hub, the hub of community packages for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The new SUSE Package Hub integration with SUSE Customer Center (SCC) will further help developers & IT admins seamlessly get latest modules and package updates.

Getting to know Service Pack 2 capabilities is easy.

For a quick glimpse at the highlights of this release, visit SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2 Highlights and the press release.

For additional details, join fellow users and register for our upcoming Webinar on November 15th SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 – New Feature Highlights!

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