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SUSE Labs Taipei Technical Sharing Day


SUSE Labs Taipei conducted the Technical Sharing Day at 27 Apr, 2017. This was the second year to hold such event to share the technical studies and interests to local communities.

This year, SUSE Labs Taipei held the one day event in the below order, community people were welcomed to walk in office to attend.

Morning sessions
+ Joey Lee – ACPI devices tree and hot-remove flow.
+ Al Cho – Introducing ebpf / bcc

Afternoon sessions
+ Gary Lin – XDP: High performance Network data path
+ David Chang – Openvswitch overview
+ Max Lin – Profiling with AppArmor

In fact, SUSE Taipei also invited local communities to come over office and join our Hackweek 15 ( ).

In order to promote both SUSE and openSUSE brand in Taiwan, SUSE Taipei hosts the openSUSE Taiwan community, which we periodically meet and share with the other local communities as an open source developer. For example

+ openSUSE Taiwan organized and hosted openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015 together with Study Area ( ).

+ openSUSE Taiwan holds the release party of openSUSE Leap.



+ openSUSE Taiwan supports the local community events such as
(1) COSCUP ( Conference for Open Source Coders, Users & Promoters ) ( ) for past few years. This event is considered to be the largest and important open source event in Taiwan which more than 1000 people to attend annually.

(2) Workshop 101, the co-event shared with Study Area. The workshop is conducted periodically which try to demo the usage of popular open source software, tools and utilities on top of openSUSE.  For instance

“openSUSE eBPF/BCC” at 29 Apr by Al Cho ( )

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