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SUSE joins OpenSSF as Trustworthy Security Drives Innovation


Today, we’re proud to announce that SUSE has joined the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF). As open source becomes the backbone of digital transformation, its security is ever more essential. In OpenSSF, the open source community collaborates on vulnerability disclosures and security tooling, and it creates best practices to keep all users of open source solutions safe.

Core to Edge

At SUSE, we power innovation in data centers, cars, phones, satellites and other devices. In our interconnected world, it has never been more critical to deliver trustworthy security from the core all the way to the edge.

Botnets of compromised IoT devices driving denial of service attacks are just one arrow in attackers’ sleeves. Given a first toehold in a network, attackers are also quick to exploit further vulnerabilities. For example, the recent ZeroLogon vulnerability allows them to step from one device to compromising an entire network domain.

Open source has a critical role to play in this. There is no such thing as security through obscurity. More eyeballs on the code detecting and resolving issues result in a more robust security posture throughout the product lifecycle. Customer expectations of devices and connected household appliances lasting a decade or longer are also hard to meet with traditional approaches. Open sourcing IoT device code can be decisive for keeping equipment maintained, networks secured, and customers supported.

Live Patching

In OpenSSF, the open source community works together to create security patches for customers. At SUSE, we take our patches one step further by packaging kernel updates as live patches.

Our unique live patching capability allows us to close security vulnerabilities for our customers without any downtime. With this capability, our customers’ mission critical workloads can be always up and highly secured. SUSE is currently working with customers and partners to extend live patching from the kernel to key userland libraries as well.

As more of the world runs on open source, our interest in enabling secure and stable innovation everywhere only becomes more critical.


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