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SUSE Hardware Partners Deliver


I am a relative newcomer to SUSE and work with our hardware alliance partners. I’ve spent the last few months learning about SUSE, its products, its history, and most importantly about our hardware partners. I must say, I am impressed with the collective body of work and I am excited about the opportunities we have ahead of us.

I find our partners have great success stories with many of the world’s top companies. The other day I had a discussion with Kerry Kim, marketing director and my manager here at SUSE, and he mentioned an HP customer reference for Airbus regarding an SAP solution using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The title says it all: “Airbus reduce SAP costs by 30 per cent with HP Data Centre consolidation project.” Because that’s what they do.

(SAP is also a SUSE software partner, but that’s for another time, this post is for hardware.)

Our work with IBM has made SUSE the leading provider of Linux on the mainframe. In the year 2000, SUSE and IBM brought Linux to the mainframe, and with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z we continue to offer the best Linux OS optimized for the mainframe. SUSE leads in a lot of other areas as well, but it’s our deep and longstanding relationship with IBM that makes our continued mainframe success possible.

As for Dell, things look good and are getting better every day. SUSE Linux Enterprise is the only supported Linux offering available for both their custom OEM group and for their vCloud service.

I am excited by the prospect of working with such a strong group. Keep an eye on this space as I’ll continue to provide updates on what we’re doing with our hardware partners, if and when we’ll be in your town, and how they’re helping SUSE deliver solutions to customer challenges each and every day.


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