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SUSE Hack Week 19


I am excited to announce that SUSE Hack Week 19 kicks off next week, February 10-14, 2020.  SUSE Hack Week is a week-long sprint permitting developers time off from their day jobs to work on something entirely of their own design or wishes. Hack Week started around 2008 and has become a regular part of SUSE’s development.  The event focuses not only on building and expanding technology, but brings people with similar interests together to hack for fun. 

We’ve had some great success stories come out of previous Hack Weeks such as The Open Build Service, which forms the foundation of all of our products.  Another good example is Jangouts, open-source video conferencing software.

This year’s theme will be “Simplify, Modernize, Accelerate” and for the first time, Hack Week is open to all of SUSE!  We’re welcoming our colleagues outside of Engineering & Innovation to join in on the fun!  In addition, Amazon has sponsored our use of AWS during Hack Week by granting a credit to be used on Hack Week projects.  The top two projects will be awarded another week to hack on their projects and the top project will be awarded the opportunity for two members of the team to travel to Dublin in March and present their project at Demopalooza at SUSECON…and we have awards to be given for many other categories as well.

Projects becoming great successes is definitely inspirational, but the real success with Hack Week is giving everyone a chance to step back, work on something different, learn something new, and decompress a bit.

Please stay tuned all next week as we will be showcasing some really cool projects presented for this year’s Hack Week, as well as the really talented people behind them!



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    Happy hacking!! 🙂

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