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SUSE HA Automation Project – Fast Start Documentation for AWS.


Anyone following SUSE’s HA automation project over on Github will be aware that recently, a new major release was made available, v.7.

For those, not familiar with the project goal, the aim is to reduce the complexity of deploying an SAP High Availability solution by using  Terraform and Salt to perform and automated deployment and configuration of an SAP landscape, from the CSP infrastructure through to the OS configuration, SAP Software install and HA Cluster configuration.  The deployments follow SUSE and CSP Best practice and are possible across multiple CSP frameworks.

As part of the new v7 release, there are many changes, but one of the notable one is the unification of many variables and settings in the project across all cloud providers.  Other key updates include the use of Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) images to simplify the initial deployment.

As you would expect, there is comprehensive documentation as part of the project in GitHub.  But for those looking just to try out the project there is a ‘quick-start’ style document detailing the minimum steps required to deploy a limited sandbox environment in order to help understand both SUSE HA the SUSE HA Automation project and how it works.

Currently the documentation shows how to achieve this on the AWS Cloud.

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