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SUSE at Google Next OnAir


Co-branded chameleons
Welcome to SUSE “at” Google Next OnAir!

I must admit, folks here at SUSE were looking forward to Google Next in San Francisco and seeing customers, colleagues, friends, and sharing how the SUSE relationship with Google has grown – in person! We even had a networking breakfast planned for customers and partners. Since we are living in rather strange times of social distancing, temperature taking, and heighten understanding of viral transition; I will attempt to convey some of SUSE – Google news through this blog with links to more information. And you can always email us at with any questions. SUSE is excited about the progress made within the SUSE- Google partnership.

We have been hard at work to make SUSE offerings on Google Cloud Platform the best they can be. Our engineers have been collaborating with Google to make your deployment as smooth and resilient as possible. We used our longstanding, co-innovation, relationship with SAP (fun fact – SUSE runs over 90% of SAP HANA implementations, including SAP’s own, and over 70% of all SAP Linux deployments), to provide things like High Availability and Live Patching to your deployments. And SUSE Manager can be used to keep all your Linux servers updated whether on your site, or in Google Cloud. And that includes Linux distributions that are not SUSE green!


  • SUSE is the first technology partner included in Committed Use Discounts – CapEx pricing with OpEx convenience! Sign-up to get discounted pricing without the upfront expense with 1 and 3 years committed used discounts.
  • SUSE High Availability Extension foundational stack for Google Cloud Platform is now available with its new Fencing Agent and a new Floating IP resource agent.
  • Check out, Things to consider when migrating SAP to GCP, to makes sure you have everything cover in your SAP migration to GCP. Our ecosystem partner, Managecore, who specializes in moving SAP workloads to GCP created this with us.
  • SUSE business on Google Cloud continues to double year-over-year since 2015.

Giving back:

SUSE believes in the power of many, and giving back to the community. Recognizing we live in crazy times, during the 9-weeks of Next OnAir or until the budget runs out, SUSE is running a Global Giving initiative with our SUSE-Google customers. Joint customers can receive $1000 or $3000 to give to a charity of their choice through Global Giving. Please complete the interest form, and we will contact you with details.

I close, hoping all is well with you, your family, and friends. COVID-19 has changed the way we connect but not the need for connection. Make someone’s day and reach out to say hello. We hope to see you at Next in 2021 – we will have lots of cute chameleons for you!

Here is the registration page, if you need to registered for Google Next OnAir.



  • Avatar photo David says:

    Do you have any chameleons you can send out over mail? I was really looking forward to getting one this year…

  • Avatar photo TomH says:

    Hi David, the chameleon have been delayed as a result of the COVID-19 situation. Our supply lines have been quite challenged.

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