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SUSE is a family and that's why our chameleon smiles :)


SUSE working together

I’ve just had a fantastic weekend with my family who came down to visit me.  We’ve spent lots of the weekend discovering more about my local area and we all loved exploring new places and acting a little like tourists (or an emmet in Cornish terms meaning Ant!).  I don’t get to see them that often and although we don’t live in each others pockets the rest of the time – It’s nice to know that the strength of our relationship means we can rely on each other in times of need but also that we can enjoy spending time when we do get together as different individuals but with a common goal for that time: to enjoy ourselves.

This is my 3rd year working at SUSE and although not my blood and kin, there is something very unique about working for this very special business.  I’ve worked for a number of different organizations throughout my career, small and large, reseller to manufacturing, but can honestly say that I’ve never worked for a business that is all about the people and all about the people we support.

Joining this organization is like joining an incredible large group of people that not only are striving to a common goal, but also have the same beliefs and attitudes as to where they are going.

In the number of videos on the job page of – you get to that little bit of what makes us who we are as a business – and one video really sums up that one element that I don’t think other companies have:  the video You Matter.  Because on a daily basis I know that my contributions do matter…that I’m working to a common goal with a group of people who are also working as one towards that goal.  And with a team of lots of diverse personalities with different strengths and skills that all make it possible.

As our Global HR Director says in one of those videos “that is why the Chameleon smiles” and its also the reason why I smile every Monday morning.

We are hiring – if you want to work for a company that continually strives to give customer excellence in an environment where you matter then check out OR just reach out and I’ll be happy to tell you why I believe you’re making the smart choice in joining the SUSE family!

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