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SUSE Expert Days: An Opportunity to Learn


In September 2018, SUSE is kicking off another round of SUSE Expert Days!  That means it’s time for the Open Source specialists to go on tour to cities in every continent to share their knowledge and expertise with the community.

This is a unique chance for to hear from one of SUSE’s special keynote speakers, such as Brent Schroeder—CTO of SUSE, or Alan Clark—Chairman of the Board of the OpenStack Foundation.

SUSE Expert Days is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend a day learning from industry experts on Open Source technology.  And it’s not just Linux!  In addition, you’ll see in-person demos of a broad range of software defined solutions, such as OpenStack, Ceph, Kubernetes, and SALT.  Additionally, SUSE will be joined by one or more of our partners at every event.

Whether you’re a seasoned SUSE user or just getting started, SUSE Expert Days has information you can use.  You’ll learn about SUSE’s open approach to software-defined infrastructure and application delivery as the experts focus on three themes: 

  • Transform IT Infrastructure
  • Create a more agile business
  • Make room for innovation


Remember, the experts aren’t just there to lecture.  Because SUSE is the Open Open Source Company, they want to hear your ideas and answer your questions.  Also, SUSE Expert Days is the perfect chance to network.  While enjoying the provided meals, take some time to get to know the SUSE Experts, the partners, and your peers in the community.

Best of all, this event is FREE!  SUSE provides everything:  food, parking, raffle prizes, and most importantly, technical knowledge.

Check the schedule and register now at

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