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SUSE Enterprise Linux on Microsoft's Hybrid Cloud


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Available on Azure Stack

In March, Microsoft announced several key updates to Azure Stack, including the release of the third Technical Preview of Azure Stack (TP3), the final preview edition before Azure Stack’s expected general release later this year. TP3 includes many new features that we are excited about, including Marketplace Syndication, which enables the access to the trusted SUSE offerings on the Azure Marketplace – now available on your own Azure cloud implementation.

Microsoft also clarified its planned business model for Azure Stack, with a pay-as-you-go model that mirrors the pricing for Azure. That said, prices for Azure Stack could be significantly different because you are not abstracting the hardware and there may be some variance from customer to customer. A few weeks after the release of TP3 came a number of other public cloud Azure features including support for Azure Functions and Azure App Service for serverless and cloud-native developers.

Push and Pull – Marketplace Syndication

Just a few weeks after this announcement and on the heels of some great work from the SUSE engineering team – we’re pleased to announce that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and other SUSE solutions on Azure Marketplace are now available on Azure Stack via syndication. As SUSE pushes updates and offerings that are available on-demand and at hyper-scale on the Azure Marketplace – you will be able to pull them directly from the public cloud catalog and into your own data center with Azure Stack’s Marketplace Syndication. This feature enables you to customize a Microsoft private or hybrid cloud catalog with the solutions your team needs.

About SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Microsoft Azure is a Linux distribution consistently trusted in the enterprise, with enterprise-level support, running on a proven platform that provides superior reliability and security for cloud computing. This versatile Linux platform seamlessly integrates with Azure cloud services to deliver an easily manageable cloud environment.

About Azure Stack

Azure Stack functions as an extension of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing service, bringing the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud-computing to on-premises environments. With Azure Stack, organizations and developers can run a version of Azure on their own private servers, allowing them to run a true hybrid cloud. This is a boon for organizations that want access to cloud services but cannot move workloads off-premises for security, compliance, or reliability reasons. Among other benefits, the hybrid model of cloud computing minimizes the risk of losing a mission critical application or service due to downtime.

Getting Started with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Azure Stack

Deploying SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Azure Stack is pretty straight-forward. For help getting started, you can find our Linux-based image linked in Microsoft’s
documentation on deploying Linux virtual machines, right here. To get involved with Azure Stack’s Early Access Initiative you can request access here.


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