SUSE eLearning Will Help Bridge the Growing Technical Skills Gap


The IT skills gap continues to widen. IDC’s 2019 Worldwide CIO report shows that 30% of high-demand roles for emerging technologies will remain unfilled through 2022. As a result, training existing teams remains a top priority for CIOs, and SUSE is here to provide the level of support needed to accomplish this.

Announcing SUSE eLearning

SUSE eLearning is an easy-to-use digital platform that provides access to all SUSE technical training at one low cost. SUSE eLearning is perfect on its own or as a complement to an offline, live training course. With a SUSE eLearning subscription, each user gets access to:

  • High-quality videos from certified professional trainers
  • The ability to download ebooks for offline content
  • Progress reports to help reach your goals
  • 24x7x365 access to courseware anytime/anywhere
  • Dedicated email support line for technical issues

An eLearning subscription gives members of your team a self-paced method they can use to brush up on critical skills or add emerging skills to their portfolio. They can even follow a well-defined training path, with access to the content they need to get certified on SUSE technologies.

SUSE training partner Torsten Poels, owner/CEO of Fast Lane, says corporate customers are asking for a blended learning approach to train their IT technical staff. “Customers are looking for self-paced delivery to complement their classroom training. As an authorized SUSE Training Partner, we are excited to offer SUSE eLearning to our global customer base in conjunction with our Fast Lane Live platform.”

SUSE eLearning: Choose Your Learning Path

Whether your team needs access to bite-sized videos or wishes to follow a prescribed learning path, SUSE eLearning is the instant, intelligent way to train your team. The platform provides world-class technical training directly to your team, offering flexible, cost-effective learning, with unlimited access to the technical training content they need, when and where they need it.

Get Started Today!

Give your team the skills they need to move your business forward. Solve your skills gap by subscribing your team to SUSE eLearning. Learn more at

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