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SUSE, Dell Technologies and Intel FlexRAN


The telecommunications industry has experienced a complete digital transformation in recent years, with the emergence of microservices, Kubernetes as the dominant container orchestration technology, and platform engineering offering a containerized landscape. Kubernetes has become the standard across most Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) platforms, making it easier for developers and operations teams to deploy, manage, and deliver functionality to end users. However, with the increasing number of cluster instances, data-driven automation architecture is needed to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

SUSE Rancher provides multi-cluster management and orchestration for downstream clusters deployed with microservice workloads. Using Dell Technologies’ partner self-certified solution, SUSE Rancher cluster deploys, lifecycle manages, and orchestrates the downstream clusters for workload by providing CaaS and PaaS services. The cost and performance balance is achieved by supporting policy-enhanced telemetry, monitoring, and abstract resource management. This guide focuses on using Rancher to perform cluster lifecycle management, cloud-native microservices lifecycle management, contained application resource management, and telemetry data monitoring with role-based access control.

This solution demonstrates the power of data-driven automation architecture in reducing TCO while providing efficient and resilient telecom services. Dell Technologies and SUSE invite other telecom containerized application vendors to collaborate with them in a joint solution. This reference document provides more details and links to additional information for this solution.

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