SUSE Containers as a service platform – new product plans announced at SUSECON 2016


With all the great product announcements the news about SUSE’s Containers as a service platform – I think one of the most interesting and groundbreaking ideas for SUSE’s future – got a little bit lost.

In the interview with Sam Vargese from itwire, Federica Teodori, project manager for container and orchestration, Andreas Jaeger, senior product manager, and Simona Arsene, product manager at SUSE,  announced plans and first details for the “Containers as a service platform”. SUSE hopes to release a public beta in April 2018, before the first customer version comes out in July next year.

As Arsene pointed out, there will three components:

  • a micro Operating System, based on the SUSE Linux Linux Enterprise distribution
  • Kubernetes, which handles the management or orchestration of the containers
  • Docker plus the orchestration framework Salt for setting up all the components.

For more details read the article!



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