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SUSE Cloud Application Platform with Amazon EKS Makes Perfect Sense


Before we get into the details, let’s just start with a bit of the answer, what SUSE Cloud Application Platform brings to any Amazon EKS cluster is ‘cf push’. Now, drilling into what ‘cf push’ is and does, what SUSE Cloud Application Platform is with respect to Amazon EKS, and if you weren’t reading the news this week, what Amazon EKS is, we can unravel the pure complementary relationships. But let’s start in reverse order.

Last Tuesday, June 5th 18, EKS went live. EKS is the new elastic container service for Kubernetes on AWS. Look it up, it is a big announcement. What makes EKS cool is it is a managed service implementation. With EKS you get a service that simplifies provisioning, operating, and managing the Kubernetes control plane. This is in fact a great thing.

The market has spoken, IT loves Kubernetes. The evidence is clear. Around the world IT shops are testing and running an enormous number of Kubernetes solutions. What is also clear, Kubernetes troubles IT shops – most IT shops start off struggling with Kubernetes. This is true because Kubernetes is actually and by necessity complex.

What the world wants and what EKS is here to solve, an easy way to operate Kubernetes. If I were to distill Amazon EKS’s values down to one point, it would be that EKS brings you a painless operator friendly approach to Kubernetes.

So what is SUSE Cloud Application Platform and how does it relate to what Amazon is doing?



SUSE Cloud Application Platform STRATOS web interface



Like so many tech products, SUSE Cloud Application Platform offers and touts several pertinent values to interested parties. But let’s distill these down to a couple of salient EKS relevant points. 

SUSE Cloud Application Platform is a modified and fully containerized implementation of Cloud Foundry. As such, it is designed to install into a Kubernetes platform and to run within your Kubernetes clusters.

But what is brings to the table isn’t really about the underlying technology, it is about a completely turn-key developer experience.

What SUSE Cloud Application Platform allows you to do is package and deploy applications to your Kubernetes clusters with the requisite services connected whether they’re in your data center or part of your Amazon EKS managed service.




Automated deployment w/ requisite services           


Stated differently from an EKS perspective; with SUSE Cloud Application Platform you can take your code living somewhere like Github and have it automatically packaged and deployed into a managed EKS cluster. And when it is done, your container application will be in a running state able to scale to the requested and managed level. It is that simple.







           Multi-language support for automated packaging


cf push’ <app> and you are ready to go. 

Simple even when using the command line interface

What better compliment to Amazon EKS’s operator friendly approach than a developer friendly way to package and deploy applications into it. This is the job that SUSE Cloud Application Platform was built to do. 


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