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SUSE Cloud Application Platform v1.2 released


Last week SUSE released its most recent version of SUSE Cloud Application Platform, version 1.2.

Among other items, this new release has a heavy emphasis on and adds to the public cloud experience.  For me, the public cloud in combination with Cloud Application Platform is one of my favorite topics. And this new release encompasses this by offering direct support for AWS’s new EKS platform.

This is cool. Why? Because now  you can now deliver EKS applications faster using the simple low-touch automations that SUSE Cloud Application Platform offers to Kubernetes platforms on premise.

With SUSE Cloud Application Platform v1.2, you can use the advanced application lifecycle management workflows and support for developer compiling, packaging, and deployment automations to build EKS applications. This new support for Amazon’s managed Kubernetes service means that you can introduce a well-defined, high productivity, and repeatable developer experience directly to EKS application building. And with the SUSE Cloud Application Platform approach, the applications you build for EKS will run equally well on it or other Kubernetes environments.

Workload portability matters, as does access to a variety of useful platforms on which your applications can run.  With broadening multi-cloud support, including new support for Amazon EKS, you can run workloads created in SUSE Cloud Application Platform wherever is best for you – in private and public clouds from multiple vendors.  And, when your needs change, you can move your workloads between those environments too.  Enjoy freedom, flexibility, and vendor neutrality.

Getting started with SUSE Cloud Application Platform with EKS is an easy process. Simply install SUSE Cloud Application Platform with a Helm Chart and your EKS platform will have a new set of developer packaging, deployment, and management capabilities embedded right into it. I encourage you to take a look at what the added power of a streamlined developer experience can be when layered onto the streamlined operator experience of EKS.


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