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SUSE Cloud 2.0 Beta Delivers, Well, Cloud


This is some big news: today, SUSE is launching the beta for SUSE Cloud 2.0, the cutting-edge of what’s possible for OpenStack. Based on OpenStack Grizzly, SUSE Cloud 2.0 features enhanced installation and management, more hypervisor support options, and hardened technology from OpenStack projects for networking and storage.

That’s not all: we’ve made the deployment of a private cloud into your enterprise data center a lot easier using updated management tools.

The SUSE Cloud Administration Server has been improved with an updated version of open source deployment framework Crowbar, something we are very happy to be working with our partners at Dell. Dell seems pretty happy with us, too.

The new version of SUSE Cloud will also support multiple virtualization environments, with continued support for Xen and KVM, with added full support for Microsoft Hyper-V and a technical preview of VMware ESXi.

The new beta release also includes full support for the OpenStack Block Storage, Cinder, which can provide persistent block storage at the virtual-machine level. Cinder is also compatible with third-party solutions, so enterprises can plug in devices from their preferred storage vendors.

All of this are pieces of a greater story: that you can have cloud computing that can be installed and configured on premise without driving yourself crazy. That’s the missing solution in many cloud offerings: the capability to actually do it yourself.

There’s a lot more to SUSE Cloud 2.0, even in this beta release, and you’re invited to visit the SUSE Cloud page to learn more, or if you’re in OSCON this week, stop by and visit us at the OpenStack booth from today until Thursday.

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