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SUSE CaaS Platform and SUSE Manager – First Integrations


Over the last few months, SUSE Manager has delivered a couple of features for supporting the SUSE CaaS Platform:

Since SUSE Manager 3.1.3, you can now host channels for SUSE CaaS Platform. So, you can mirror the installation packages and their updates using SUSE Manager. This allows you to test all updates on a lab cluster first, and only make them available to your production clusters once they’ve passed the tests.

Keep in mind that updating SUSE CaaS Platform is done from the CaaS Platform Administration dashboard named Velum. You cannot use SUSE Manager to update single clients: SUSE CaaS Platform is setting up a cluster that needs updating in a specific order to avoid downtime of the service that is provided by the running container.

Version 3.1.2 of SUSE Manager brought integration on the container front: allowing you to build containers in SUSE Manager and also analyze the containers in your registry and running on your SUSE CaaS Platform using Kubernetes for known vulnerabilities, outstanding patches, or pending package updates. This makes it really easy to re-build container images from any Dockerfile with the latest package updates from SUSE or your own internal RPM build system with the click of a button. Of course this feature is also available through the API, so you can integrate it with your Continuous Integration pipeline.

Finally, a visualization of the Kubernetes infrastructure is now available via the “Systems > Visualization” page.



To learn more about these new features, check out the SUSE Manager release notes at

Read also the article “Containers, watch out! Big Brother is watching you!”.

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