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SUSE CaaS Platform 3 Beta 2


We are proud to announce SUSE CaaS Platform 3 Beta 2!

SUSE commits to rapidly advance the platform, adding powerful tools to simplify large scale application deployment, incorporating an updated release of Kubernetes, a disconnected registry for offline deployments, and a smooth integration with other SUSE Products (e.g. SUSE OpenStack Cloud).

Users of SUSE CaaS Platform 3 will enjoy these new benefits:

  • Proxy Registry: Ability to run offline deployments with a proxy registry
  • Kubernetes 1.9: Enhanced performance, extensibility, and hardware support with Kubernetes 1.9 and SUSE MicroOS updates
  • Toolchain Module: Enhanced debugging tools delivered via a new Toolchain module for SUSE CaaS Platform with a registered system
  • Retry Orchestration: There is now an option in Velum to retry failed orchestrations
  • Node Removal: We enabled Node removal on a bootstrapped cluster in our dashboard Velum


SUSE CaaS Platform 3 is already at version Beta 2! and the next milestone, Release Candidate 1, is due to 6th June 2018.

You can find out more at


More Information

As you might be aware, SUSE CaaS Platform is part of our products with a Public Beta Program! You can check other SUSE Public Beta Program at

Please subscribe to our beta mailing list if you want to receive the RC1 announcement and want to join the technical discussion between our SUSE Engineering and our others beta participants.

And of course, find all information related to SUSE CaaS Platform 3 Beta like download link, schedule, documentations, etc at



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