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SUSE announces Cloud Foundry Certification of SUSE Cloud Application Platform


Great news!  SUSE today announced that SUSE Cloud Application Platform has achieved recognition by the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a Certified Cloud Foundry Application Runtime distribution.  So why is this great news?  Importantly, with this certification, SUSE introduces choice into a market previously served by a single vendor.  Now, enterprises looking for a certified, pure-play software distribution have a new option to consider: a 100 percent open source software offering that runs on modern Kubernetes infrastructure and is built on enterprise-grade Linux, SUSE Cloud Application Platform provides a practical solution for enterprises that wish to deploy and manage their own, production grade Cloud Foundry environment.

Cloud Foundry certification provides protection against vendor lock-in and assurance that SUSE Cloud Application platform will remain current with Cloud Foundry advancements.  It complements existing Kubernetes certification, which provides SUSE Cloud Application Platform users with similar protection and assurance at the Kubernetes level.  The newly Cloud Foundry certified SUSE Cloud Application Platform helps you:

Keep your options open with a certified Cloud Foundry distribution. Certification ensures API and functional consistency across Cloud Foundry distributions, which means that the applications you build to run on one certified Cloud Foundry implementation will also work on any other certified distribution.  The configuration of your Cloud Foundry cluster can also be transferred between SUSE Cloud Application Platform and other certified Cloud Foundry distributions.  Bottom line: by choosing SUSE Cloud Application Platform, you are protected against the risk of vendor lock-in.

Keep current with the latest technology advances using a distribution that closely follows upstream code.  Helping you balance your needs for enterprise grade technology with those for emerging, go-fast capabilities, SUSE Cloud Application Platform is formally committed to delivering new features within a few months of their community release; as always, you’ll get them in the hardened, enterprise-ready form that you expect from SUSE.

We’re at the Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston this week – if you are too, then come visit us to learn more!


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