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SUSE and Redis Labs: the story of a two-way sponsorship


Because the aim of Redislabs and SUSE is to build a strategic partnership over the years, it made sense that we would sponsor their annual conference, RedisConf, and that they would sponsor our own annual conference SUSECON. Despite the two conferences being held the same week, it was obvious for both of us, that we had to commit respectively to those key annual events which attract a lot of customers and technical people.

These two exposures at the same time will enable us to:

  • share and reinforce the message of our partnership, in particular in the container and microservices area, even wider to our respective customers
  • start spreading the word about Redis Enterprise certified on SUSE CaaS Platform 3


RedisConf19 will take place on April 2-3rd in San Francisco on Pier 27. 1500 Redis developers, innovators and contributors will meet to share use cases, get hands-on training and learn how to build innovative applications that scale. There will be 60 technical sessions, plus hands-on exercises and other activities in the developer lounge. This year’s theme is INSTANT, which refers to the growing demand for applications to respond instantly to user interactions.

SUSECON will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 1 to 5. At SUSECON 2019. This year’s theme is MY KIND OF OPEN, which refers to Open, done YOUR way. You will see how SUSE’s open, open source approach helps our customers and partners transform IT, delivering increased agility and faster innovation, done their way. Attendees will learn how they can use open source software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions to reduce costs and complexity, anticipate and quickly leverage the latest technology and move the business forward while reducing unnecessary risk.

Redis has been benchmarked as the world’s fastest database. It reduces application complexity, simplifies development, accelerates time to market and provides unprecedented flexibility to developers with its visionary data structures and modules. Redis has been voted the most loved database, rated the #1 cloud database,  #1 database on Docker#1 NoSQL datastore and fastest growing NoSQL database.

SUSECON is 10 days away! Have you registered yet?  If not, register now.

RedisConf19 is 10 days away! Have you registered yet? If not, register now with this SUSE promo code link to get $100 off your Redis Training Workshop + Conference Ticket April 1-4.

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