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SUSE agile data platform with Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres and IBM LinuxONE


I continue our SUSE agile data platform series with a co-innovation by SUSE, FUJITSU, and IBM.  Together, we enable you, our customers, with the performance, resilience, flexibility, and security you need to maximize the potential of your data assets. 


SUSE - FUJITSU - IBM agile data platform


FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is a powerful, object-relational database management system with enhanced enterprise features and a strong reputation.  Paired with SUSE Linux Enterprise on the IBM Z and LinuxONE platforms, you get:  

  • Power to handle your most demanding workloads.
  • Unprecedented resilience and high availability.
  • Flexibility to handle your needs today and tomorrow.
  • Enhanced confidential computing to protect your valuable data.


Let’s dig a little into each of these highlighted capabilities. 


Power when you need it
Support your most demanding workloads with:

  • Fast processors, designed for sustained 80 to 90 percent utilization.
  • Capacity On Demand to deliver more resources when they are needed.
  • Dedicated offload engines to accelerate specific functions.
  • Parallelization and aggregation to boost performance while reducing I/O.

Benchmarks of FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres on LinuxONE versus x86_64 show up to 3.9 times faster HTAP workloads for large data sets and 8.4 times faster bulk data loads. 


Non-stop IT with cyber-resilience
Never be let down by your data services with features like: 

  • Workload isolation to enhance security and stability.
  • Redundant Array of Independent Memory to eliminate data errors.
  • Connection pooling & load balancing to handle demand.
  • Simplified backup and recovery as well as disaster recovery options.
  • Enterprise support services from the experts.

Achieve five nines or better availability for your always on business. 


Flexibility to handle change
Support your needs of today and of tomorrow with: 

  • Modular hardware expansion and Capacity on Demand. 
  • Software subscriptions, delivering flexibility and cost-efficiency over traditional licensing. 
  • Unlimited table rows and indexes to handle growing data. 
  • Workload consolidation to reduce server sprawl while doing more. 

Leverage a data platform designed to adapt to your changing needs.


Out-of-the-box enterprise data security
Take advantage of capabilities that meet or exceed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.  These include: 

  • Integration with cryptographic hardware to protect your digital keys.
  • Transparent data encryption.
  • Data masking to share data without revealing sensitive information.
  • Dedicated audit logs to enable data accountability and traceability.
  • Anomaly detection to quickly identify suspicious items, events, or observations. 

Ensure you have the right tools to protect your valuable data.


I think you’ll agree that FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres with SUSE Linux Enterprise on IBM Z and LinuxONE offers compelling features and capabilities to be your agile data platform.


You can get a feel for the platform in the getting started guide and demo video created by my SUSE colleague and solution architect, Mike Friesenegger.  And, if you would like to explore how this solution can help you tackle your data challenges, please reach out to our sales and enablement team at 



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