SUSE Academic Program: A New and Improved User Experience


After hitting the 1 year anniversary, the SUSE Academic Program website takes strides in improving user experience and enhanced education materials. Over the coming months, you will notice significant improvements to the Academic Program website including; updated on-demand training materials, easier access to downloads, access to support clarification and additional customer success stories.

We listened to the global education community, understand the needs of academic members and continue to offer the latest platform in Linux education.  In addition to the website changes, over the last few months SUSE hired a team of academic managers to focus specifically on providing a comprehensive and up-to-date Linux training and teaching platform. They also stand as a support team for your institution, available to answer questions, help with user support and assist with implementing Linux materials into a classroom setting.

The SUSE Academic Program is committed to providing the latest Linux education platform on the market, support by a team of experts and enjoyed by the academic community.

Not yet a part of the program?

Visit to register or login with your existing SUSE login credentials.
Learn more by reading the Academic Program Guide and Academic Program Flyer.

Have questions about the SUSE Academic Program?  Reach out to our team:

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