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Support @ SUSE: The Entire Chain from an Incident to a Fix


SUSE Support has your back

You have a kernel crash on one of your servers.  And your business critical system starts to fail.  With downtime costing you thousands of dollars an hour, you start to panic. How do you handle all the customers affected, production down scenarios and all the potential money loss that might be incurred during this one incident?

Then you remember, you have a SUSE Support subscription and you don’t have to panic. SUSE has your back and the skills to get you back up and running.

SUSE Support is Always On, Experienced, and Treats You Like Family

SUSE has Global Support Locations ensuring Worldwide Coverage, 24x7x365. Our centers are based in US, EMEA, and APAC. These locations are strategically placed in the following locations: Provo, Brazil, Nuremberg, Prague, Bangalore, Beijing, Japan, and Singapore to provide “follow the sun” support so that no matter where you are or what time you need us, SUSE is there for you. With those eight locations, you get:

  • 25 years experience in supporting Linux
  • Support Staff, support centers & field offices around the globe
  • Average tenure within SUSE Support team is 12 years


Our support team supports a vast portfolio of SUSE products:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications & SAP HANA
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop / Workstation Extension
  • SUSE Manager
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud & SUSE Cloud Application Platform
  • SUSE Enterprise Storage
  • SUSE Container as a Service Platform
  • Docker & Kubernetes


And in the last 12 months alone SUSE Support successfully answered more than 23,000 questions from more than 3,000 customers in over 90 countries. So whatever your needs are, someone on our Support team is there to help – with openness and transparency.

What Happens When You Open a Support Ticket?

How does it work? When you first contact us with your issue, the first line of communication will assess your needs and will then connect you with the “Guru” or Engineer most qualified to help solve the problem. If your problem isn’t a mission critical issue, your first line of action will be to create a service request at our SUSE Customer Center. If your problem is a system/production down situation, please call our team directly. When you call, whether it be through the SCC page or on the phone, gather as much information about the incident as you can.

  • Explain your business impact:
    • How many users are affected / is this a production system?
    • When exactly did the server go down
    • What has been changed before/after that happened
    • Does a workaround exist
    • Add $ impact if possible
  • Provide as much information as possible (dump, logs, supportconfig)


To ensure you get the right support at the right time, it is important to provide us with as much information as possible. The perfect ticket will contain the following:

  • A detailed problem description
  • System patch status
  • Exact time of error
  • Recent changes
  • Details on infrastructure
  • Anything that could be useful
  • Provide supportconfig (sosreport) of all involved systems
  • HAE customers: please provide hb_report
  • SUSE Manager customers: please provide spacewalk-debug


For a quick guide to what you can do to help expedite your request, check out our SUSE Customer Support Quick Reference Guide.

What If It’s More Than Support?

Occasionally, a service request will uncover a software defect or bug. But not to worry – you’re still covered! Those types of requests are escalated up the chain to Level 3 (L3) support whose mission is to provide fast and reliable resolution of complex issues that cannot be solved by L1 and L2. L3 has direct access to 500+ top Linux engineers in Research and Development (R&D), and like L1 and L2, you still get 24×7 service. Even on holidays.

In addition to SUSE Support options, your SUSE products are also backed by SUSE Maintenance to ensure you have the latest patches and fixes to proactively avoid regressions and production down situations.

Watch the video from SUSECON ’19 below; a PDF presentation can be found here.

Note:  Blog written from SUSECON 2019 Presentation by Petr Uzel, Director Packaging/L3 and Lynn Vance, Senior Manager Technical Support.


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