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Standing with Ukraine


Like most people, I continue to watch the shocking developments in Ukraine and the growing refugee crisis with a deep sense of despair. It’s disturbing to witness the illegal invasion of a sovereign state and the suffering of citizens including so many children and vulnerable members of society before our very eyes. It’s even more surreal that this unnecessary destruction and disruption to the lives of so many is occurring in the 21st century. Whilst saddened by the news broadcasts, I’m also filled with the desire to move forward with the actions we can take as a company.

SUSE remains committed to supporting humanitarian efforts to help refugees and victims of war rebuild their lives. It’s a desperately challenging time for our employees who have family members in Ukraine so we’re doing everything we can to support them. All employees and their households have access to SUSEAssist, our employee support programme.

Alongside these efforts, we are observing all economic sanctions. In line with these sanctions, we are evaluating all of our business relationships in Russia and have suspended all direct sales in Russia. We are also prepared to comply with additional sanctions which may be implemented.

The bravery and resilience of the Ukrainian people have understandably captivated the world. There is no question that SUSE stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and supports global efforts for an end to hostilities.

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