ARM has officially unveiled the SBSA — aka “Server Base System Architecture” — a standard for ARMv8 based, 64bit servers.

This isn’t simply some standard dropped out of the sky, either.  The SBSA has had input from a wide array of server software and hardware firms — including HP, Dell, Red Hat and, of course, SUSE.

The SBSA specification provides a base framework that operating system and software vendors can use to build their own ARM-based server solutions much more rapidly.  This base framework allows developers to build software for a single standard that will cover multiple ARM SoC options.

“SUSE has worked on and supported development around ARM processors for several years, and we anticipate ARM processor adoption in cloud, big data and high-performance computing applications,” said Ralf Flaxa, vice president of engineering, SUSE. “SUSE welcomes the SBSA standardization efforts and is proud to contribute to the server platform standard’s development. As the market emerges, this standard will become a key factor determining success in the enterprise ecosystem, and we look forward to working with platforms that implement it.”

More info on the SBSA.

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