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Stacking the HPC Deck with HPE


SUSE partner HPE announced the HPE Core HPC Software Stack 2.0 this week during the SC16 show in Salt Lake City.  This release updates many core components including the HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU).  The CMU update improves the engine to support limitless HPC scaling. This carries significance, as it allows CMU to manage large scale clusters that have until recently been the domain of their new acquisition, SGI.

While the CMU improvements and component updates of the software stack are important, I personally think the most important (I could be biased) part of the update is the support for HPE’s preferred Linux,  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the leading commercial Linux in the Top500.

The customer advantage with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is that hardware, such as the Apollo 6000 series, is certified with an enterprise class operating system that has proven its value in the largest of the large HPC environments. This means that HPE customers can build a supportable environment for their HPC needs and have the knowledge that security and stability patches will be provided when needed without worry. This has significant value for businesses where HPC is a tool and not a science project.

There are a number of technical advantages to customers who chose SUSE & HPE as well.  These include using a modern 4.4 kernel for current hardware support, access to the GCC 6.2 compiler, etc.  Combined with the engineered hardware and scalable management, the result is the best HPC environment available.

Here at SUSE, we continue to look forward to the continued evolution of our solution offerings with HPE.  This is just one step among many.


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