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SQL on SUSE: Go Green with this Special Offer


The hype is real for SQL Server on SUSE Linux – and we’re about to lower the barrier of entry. For a limited time, SUSE and Microsoft are teaming up to deliver an attractive offer to help you simplify your IT environment while modernizing your data estate.

At Microsoft Ignite 2017 in October, Linux users finally got access to Microsoft SQL Server 2017, an industry-leading solution that’s been trusted for decades as a secure, high-performance, value-packed database. Now – months later – we’ve seen customers highly interested in the opportunities that running SQL Server 2017 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server offers them.

Many customers have engaged us looking to simplify their environments by consolidating workloads to Linux and reduce the amount of moving parts and platforms that IT needs to manage. Others, who are new to SQL Server, are keen to get their hands on an exciting stream of new feature sets that enable advanced analytics workloads such as support for Graph data, Python language, and other tools and services supporting their machine learning projects. The opportunity to harness today’s data explosion is one that can’t be ignored, just look at some of the numbers recently observed:

  • 163ZB a year – according to IDC, the approximate amount of data production by 2025
  • 10% of organizations are expected to have a highly profitable business unit specifically for productizing and commercializing data by 2020
  • $100M in additional operating income – the average gains each year being generated by enterprises who have completed a digital transformation project

Industry Leading Performance at an Incredible TCO

SUSE and Microsoft have been collaborating for over 10 years to deliver interoperable solutions for enterprise customers. Now, with SQL Server on SUSE Linux you can build high-performing, intelligent applications and realize remarkable gains in performance; ensuring that your data estate modernization efforts are maximize your return on investment.

Microsoft, SUSE, and HPE recently announced a new record setting Performance benchmark thanks in part to Persistent Memory support found in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12SP3. HPE’s new world record 1TB TPC-H benchmark result[1] showcases the first enterprise-class “diskless database” leveraging persistent memory and the ability to deliver > 5x performance on analytic queries directly against storage at up to 50% of the cost. The new updates in SLES12 SP3 for NVMe and enhanced NV-DIMM block device help create a platform for even better-performing SQL Server 2017 environments on hardware that’s built for a “diskless database” experience such as the HPE Proliant DL380 Gen10.

Lowering the Barrier to Go Green

Combine the industry leading database with the Enterprise Linux OS that supports Persistent Memory that can turbo-charge your analytics performance with a combined offer from SUSE and Microsoft.

SUSE’s Offering:

For a limited time, SUSE is serving up a promo code to help you get started with SQL Server on SUSE Linux with a 100% discount on the cost of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12SP3 patches and maintenance for 1 year. Available for redemption for your on-prem environment, or any platform where SUSE is supported. Qualified customers may also eligible for up to a 100% discount on 24×7 or 12×5 phone support by working with their SUSE sales rep.

Microsoft’s Offering:

Microsoft is also offering discounted SQL Server Licenses to lower your TCO even further. Customers can avail up to 30% off SQL Server 2017 through an annual subscription. Customers can get enterprise features for their Linux workloads, backed by Microsoft security and support.

To claim this offer, visit our page here.

[1] 1TB non-clustered TPC-H result http://www.tpc.org/3331 as of November 21, 2017.



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