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Spotlight on SugarCRM



SugarCRM provides the most powerful open source customer relationship management (CRM) application for companies of all sizes worldwide, improving their interaction efficiency and effectiveness when acquiring, supporting and managing customers. SugarCRM has joined Novell’s Market Start program to deliver added customer confidence when deploying SugarSuite on the Novell Linux platform. The combination of SugarCRM on Novell Linux offers the full range of CRM functionality required to manage customer interactions, and is available as an installed, hosted or appliance-based solution.


Sugar Professional Demo

This Sugar Professional demo allows you to use the application as it’s designed today. It gives you a clear understanding about the new and effective way to better acquire, sell, service and manage customers. Sugar Professional helps companies increase revenues by being more organized through every interaction. Sugar Suite’s high user adoption rate, open source community support and happy customers prove innovation can be fun and done.

Total Cost of Ownership

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are well understood. Their functional components are straight forward, the technology sound and mature, and the benefits of successful deployments clearly generate value for organizations – large and small. So why are these applications so expensive to buy or rent? What are the inherit costs that aren’t conveyed when evaluating CRM solutions?

This paper breaks down 3 important points which have significant cost associations, which proprietary solutions need to address. Pricing a CRM solution should go beyond the initial license and maintenance cost – to implementation, customization, and deployment flexibility.

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