Solving Error when using df -h



When you enter dh -h command on the Linux console it suddenly throws the following error:

df: cannot read table of mounted file systems: no such file or directory.

This is mainly because the system is out of disk space. Hence it is not able to run df -h.

If you give mount command also it does not show any mounted volumes.

If you try to restart the system also the problem will not solve. Here you will see some more error messages poping up while booting like “GDM could not write a new authorization entry to disk. Possibly out of diskspace. Error: No space left on device” and if you continue by pressing OK then it says Graphical view cannot be started and finally ends up by giving NSS failed error


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Figure 1

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Figure 2


  1. Before rebooting the system, free up the disk space and restart the system.


  1. After rebooting (remember system will not be up completely), go to any of the terminals by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 and login with root account and then delete some files and then restart the system. (delete temp files or unnecessary data (user created files) on the HDD which is consuming disk space)
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