Solving a Samba Rights Issue with GroupWise Migration to Linux


Daniel Bray

Over the weekend we migrated our last GWise domain from NetWare to SLES10sp1. SLES is setup with a Samba share, and everything appeared to be running just fine. Our admins can connect to ConsoleOne, and administer the domain/user accounts, everything seems fine.

However, when the admins right-click on a user and select:
GroupWise Utilities -> Synchronize… …it goes to about 50% and then hangs. Finally, an error message pops up
that states:

GroupWise Error

Path create failed (0x8210)

If I open ConsoleOne from an SSH -X session, meaning on the SLES box
itself, I can perform this function without error.

Any suggestions of things to try?

Turns out it was a rights issue. For future reference, I assumed (yeah, I
know) that Samba would only need read and write rights to the wpdomain.db
file, and just read rights to the other areas. However, the Samba group
needs read and write rights to the entire folder. So I just had to:

chmod g+rw -R /data/grpwise/domain

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