The Solution Focus Series is a weekly digest feature designed to give you a triple-espresso shot of a given solution, gathering the top relevant presentations, webcasts and other materials that will help you come up to speed on that solution in the most direct and efficient manner.


This week’s Solution Focus is all about the Service-Driven Data Center. To keep up with industry and organizational demands, you must deliver the performance and services your customers expect—while lowering TCO. And whether your data center supports Windows, Linux or is mixed, it requires a high degree of flexibility and agility to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s business.

The Service-Driven Data Center messaging takes the form of 4 presentations, a Keynote (delivered live at our recent Data Center Evolution tours) and the 3 Solution Focus Area presentations: Build, Manage and Measure.

Service-Driven Data Center Introduction & Overview
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Build an Agile Data Center featuring SUSE® Linux Enterprise 11: Learn how to reduce the TCO of your data center, while improving server reliability, performance and interoperability. Learn why data center managers are implementing SUSE Linux Enterprise as their OS of choice. Learn how to increase agility with SUSE Linux Enterprise 11—the latest version of the most reliable Linux platform for mission-critical computing.
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Manage Your Data Center featuring PlateSpin® Workload Management: If you need to implement a reliable Disaster Recovery and Server Consolidation solution or simplify the ongoing management of server workloads across a mixed IT environment—PlateSpin Workload Management is the answer. Come learn how PlateSpin Workload Management solutions from Novell can help you profile, migrate, protect and manage server workloads on physical machines and virtual hosts over the network between multiple hypervisors and computing platforms.
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Measure Your Agile Data Center featuring Novell Business Service Management: Come see how to minimize the risk of IT outages in your data center while more effectively managing business impact when outages occur. You’ll learn how Novell Business Service Management solutions dynamically link your business-related services to the underlying IT infrastructure, so you can rapidly understand, prioritize and fix IT issues, giving you the power to be more agile and better align IT to your business.
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For more information, you can access the Service-Driven Data Center Press Release, or go to the Novell Data Center Solution pages to see all the products and solutions available for use.


As always, if you have an questions, comments or requests regarding Field Memos, Solution Focus Series or anything related to Data Center Enablement, please contact your Partner Executive.


The Data Center Enablement Team

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