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Solidify your containerisation strategy with SoftIron and SUSE Rancher


SoftIron recently announced that it has partnered with SUSE to provide integration support for SoftIron’s HyperDrive storage appliances (purpose-built to deliver optimal Ceph performance) using HyperDrive Storage Plugin for SUSE Rancher. Read on the guest blog authored by Craig to find out why this is a big win for those working with containers and Ceph! ~Vince


SUSE guest blog authored by:

Craig Chadwell, VP of Product at SoftIron

Use the power of open source to deliver enterprise-class container management with reliable unified storage

We’re all for great collaborations at SoftIron, and this latest one is a big win for those working with containers and Ceph! We’ve worked closely with SUSE Rancher to mobilise integration support for HyperDrive storage appliances, by creating the HyperDrive Storage Plugin for SUSE Rancher. 

Download our new SoftIron + SUSE Rancher solution brief to learn how a fully integrated, highly scalable data storage and container management system can help your organisation deliver excellent enterprise class solutions. 

Accessibility is key

The SoftIron plugin is easily installed via SUSE Rancher Apps & Marketplace, allowing developers to integrate and manage HyperDrive capabilities via the SUSE Rancher container management platform. This way, you enjoy the flexibility of Ceph’s object, block, and file storage protocols in a single unified storage system. This can be achieved without being an expert in Ceph – HyperDrive makes daily cluster administration tasks simpler, with HyperDrive Storage Manager. 

Streamline your Kubernetes cluster management with SUSE Rancher

If your Kubernetes cluster is in desperate need of some housekeeping, let SUSE Rancher lead the way with its centralised management interface. Leverage the platform’s unification capabilities and you’ll see improvements in operational efficiency, workload management and security. The secure container environment also simplifies interactions between Development and IT Ops teams, making collaboration quicker and easier.

With Gartner projecting that 70% of organisations globally will have more than two containerised applications running in their environments, a seamless experience makes all the difference for efficient daily cluster operations. And SUSE Rancher offers increased flexibility to support hybrid or multi-cloud environments, broadening the potential for complete customisation and digital innovation.

Achieve interoperability with HyperDrive

Our HyperDrive storage appliances don’t just play nicely with SUSE Rancher – they’re engineered from the ground up for full interoperability with Ceph. This interoperability doesn’t just make daily Ceph cluster administration tasks easier; HyperDrive’s task-specific nature also minimises I/O bottlenecks and power requirements, which can’t be matched by storage solutions using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) options for Ceph. 

With SoftIron’s approach, hardware is optimised according to the needs of the software, delivering unparalleled levels of control, efficiency and transparency – all without vendor lock-in.


For an in-depth look into what the SoftIron and SUSE Rancher partnership entails, read the solution brief.

And to discover how an open source, task-specific storage solution can take your enterprise storage to the next level, take HyperDrive for a test drive.

To learn more about how SoftIron and SUSE can help you use the power of open source to deliver enterprise-class container management with reliable unified storage, visit our website for more information or get in touch with the SoftIron team. You could also contact your SUSE Rancher sales representative. We look forward to talking to you!



Craig Chadwell is the VP of Product at SoftIron. He has spent over a decade engineering, marketing, and leading product management of cloud and software-defined data center solutions. Craig has held positions at Lenovo, NetApp, and High Point University where he gained first-hand buyer and administration experience across the lifecycle of data center operations. Craig has degrees in computer science, history, political science, and business administration.




















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