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Guest blog by Marina Clasen, SUSE.

One of the winners of the SAP Innovation Awards 2020 is Mahindra Group and its HR digitization project. As one of the largest conglomerates in India, covering 11 sectors and 22 industries – automotive, farm equipment, IT services, financial services and aerospace and defense to just name a few – Mahindra’s strategy is to ensure a future ready platform and to deliver business value by leveraging latest technological innovations. With SAP and SUSE, Mahindra was able to succeed.

Communication is key

To be one of the largest conglomerates is not always easy as communication within the group might be challenging sometimes. Especially when it comes to technology. This was the case at Mahindra: Employees did not use a single platform for their daily operations, but multiple, causing operational inefficiencies, very high turnaround time answering queries and thus resulting in poor customer experience. Furthermore, information in the different systems was inconsistent and inaccurate and users often got lost causing huge email traffic and making it difficult to track and solve all issues.

One single platform for better performance

For this reason, Mahindra decided to design and implement SAP to support claims and benefit transactions, policy storage, as well as time and leave management. Also, SAP Success Factors was deployed which facilitates performance management and succession planning. Further, an in-house AI based ChatBoT called “Genie” was developed which includes natural language processing capabilities and voice enabled functionality. Genie is tightly integrated with SAP and SAP Success Factors for all user requirements and is accessible through an app on mobile phones as well from other user devices providing best in class user experience.

Working smarter with SAP solutions

As a result, implementing SAP and Genie enabled Mahindra to successfully install a one stop solution for all requirements related to Human Resources (HR). With the new technology, employee experience was enhanced reducing the manual work and guaranteeing easy access to data. Also, processing time could be reduced by 40%, increasing time for HR personnel by 25% and giving them more time for core work. Because of the automatic approval process, costs could be reduced by 8%. With real-time information of incidents, information is more visible and can be controlled more easily to avoid errors. The single platform allows hassle free function, enhancing operations and overall experience. Now, Mahindra can rely on consistent and accurate results based on a single version of the truth.

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