SLEPOS11 at Novell BrainShare 2010 * Forcing POS client installation …


The YouTube video demonstrates the workflow of the SLEPOS boot and system image, and how fast a from scratch installation of a POS client, thin client, Kiosk, Desktop or even a Store Server can be done!

Don’t miss the SLEPOS ELS100 session the “Day-One Migration of a Retail Store” at BrainShare Amsterdam!

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  • deegirl1986 says:

    I loved the demonstration. It does show how fast a from scratch installation is of a POS client, etc. Thanks for this demonstration!

    french riviera

  • russel11 says:

    very nice,cool demo. I’m very much interested with product hopefully you could provide more instructional videos and other resources for SLEPOS.

  • judy85 says:

    great demo. interesting software..

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