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Many of my friends and my co workers found to fit on Windows platform rather than any other Operating System. Last two weeks I got my new Netbook and it’s MSI Wind which has a pre installed SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Edition) on it.

The good part is I’m a linux user so I enjoy SUSE but my friends always throw a joke on why not go for Windows XP or Vista. The point is they were not even used in Linux distribution in their entire life so they don’t know the beauty of Open Source and most espicially SUSE.

When I’m at school I’ve been working as part time developer near my school and that’s the time I was introduced using SUSE. My project there was to integrate SMS or Short Message System to a Web Application.

Without a choice I must learn using a linux platform because it needs some command line configuration with Linux and from that time I started to love Open Source Platform.

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