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SLED 11 AMD64-bit+ATI Radeon HD 4550+Firmware Update


Flat and simple, I had been trying to decide if I was going to install my latest firmware for my graphics card or not due to a few uncertain ways to approach it. I am currently running SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 AMD 64bit on a Quad Core PhenomII custom built desktop that is currently lacking a better supported video card. I finally give it the go ahead and used the terminal where it saved the file to, ran:

chmod g+rw ati-driver-installer-xx-x-x86,

For those who don’t understand, this makes it readable, writable, and executable. Then you will want to either run su or you could do a quick run if your paranoid about security:

su -c ‘./’

Useful Tip: Keep the apostrophes right where they are and you will find that the script will work better. Just follow the program, and don’t worry about running it as an RPM file unless you truly are that worried of screwing up your xorg, but to be honest, sometimes you must make a risk to find a solution. Take care and that concludes my blog for the night.

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