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SLE 15 SP2 Beta – Weekly Updates




Our Weekly Update for SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 2 is available.

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES),
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP (SLES for SAP),
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Just Enough Operating System (JeOS),
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability (SLEHA and SLEHA GEO),
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED),
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension (SLEWE),
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise for High Performance Computing (SLEHPC).

State Update

We would like to inform you about the current state of SLE 15 SP2.

We are not satisfied with the current quality of our builds in regard of the approaching Release Candidate phase. Many of the known issues are being tackle but our recent changes to some of our packages – details further down below – need extra care. Due to those changes we require a specific test cycle to ensure the quality of future RC milestone.

We will inform you about further milestones releases later on.

Download and Apply Updates

Please note that to be able to test the changes announced here, you need to register your system with a Beta Registration Code!

To request Beta Registration Code, you need to follow this.

We will then send you your codes along with a complete FAQ, on how to proceed.

Notable Changes

PostgreSQL 12

PostgreSQL 12 has been added to SLE 15 SP2! Please note that PostgreSQL 10 is still available. We highly recommend to read the available upstream documentation for changes and upgrades:

We have the following two changes to the layout of subpackages that come out with PostgreSQL 12:

  • The former postgresql10-devel package will be split into postgresql12-devel (containing everything that’s needed to build database clients that link against libpq and libecpg) and postgresql12-server-devel (containing everything that’s needed to build server extensions).
  • There is a new optional subpackage called postgresql12-llvmjit.

All new packages of course also have a noarch companion without a version number in the name, i.e. postgresql-server-devel and postgresql-llvmjit.


Added Packages

  • container-diff: 0.15.0-1.4.2
  • erlang: 22.2.7-1.4
  • glibmm2: 2.61.1-1.1
  • glslang: 8.13.3559+git20-1.1
  • libsigc++3: 3_0-0-3.0.2-1.1
  • lifecycle-data-sle-module-development-tools: 1-1.2
  • postgresql12: 12.2-1.1
  • python3-xattr: 0.9.1-7.2
  • python-cfn-lint: 0.21.4-3.3.9
  • python-zc.lockfile: 2.0-1.2
  • rabbitmq-server: 3.8.2-1.4
  • shaderc: 2019.1-1.1
  • spirv-cross: 20200116-1.1
  • terraform: 0.12.19-3.6.1
  • terraform-provider-susepubliccloud: 0.0.1-3.3.1
  • vulkan (+ tools) 1.2.133-1.3

Updated Packages (selection)

  • updated GNOME stack to 3.34.4 (including applications like evolution, baobab, gdm, NetworkManager, ModemManager, seahorse, vino…)
  • updated maven stack
  • updated yast2 stack
  • apache2: 2.4.41-5.3
  • baobab: 3.34.0-1.3
  • cifs-utils: 6.9-5.3.1
  • flatpak: 1.6.2-1.1
  • flatpak-builder: 1.0.9-1.1
  • gdb: 8.3.1-8.11.1
  • gtk3: 3.24.14-1.1
  • glib2: 2.62.5-1.1
  • glibc: 5.3-1.38
  • java-1_8_0-ibm: 1.8.0_sr6.5-3.33.2
  • meson: 0.53.1-1.2
  • ninja:  1.10.0-1.2
  • nodejs10: 1 10.19.0-1.18.1
  • openssh:  8.1p1-2.2
  • ovmf:  201911-4.4
  • pdsh:  2.33-7.6.1
  • perl: 5.26.1-7.9.1
  • postgresql10: 10.12-1.1
  • postgresql: 12-1.1
  • python3: 3.6.10-3.47.2
  • raspberry-firmware:  2020.02.20-1.2
  • saptune: 2.0.3-1.2
  • spirv-tools: 2020.1~git24-1.3
  • tomcat: 9.0.31-1.5
  • wayland-devel: 1.18.0-1.2
  • wicked: 0.6.62-1.2
  • zypper-migration-plugin: 0.12.1580220831.7102be8-6.4.1

Removed Packages

  • cfn-lint
  • python-xattr (but python3-xattr has been added)

More information

As always, there is a lot more changes that we did not cover her. So please visit for more information like beta schedule, how to report issues, how to start a discussion with SLE Engineering and more.

Have fun beta testing!

Your SUSE Linux Enterprise Team


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