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SLE 15 Beta – SUSE Package Hub for SLES 15 now available!


SUSE Package Hub for SLES 15 now available online via SUSE Customer Center!

Thus this means that you can now add the SUSE Package Hub online repositories to your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Beta. And start installing and testing your favorite community packages on SLES 15 Beta!

To do so, on a registered SLES 15 Beta Server*:

open YaSTSoftwareAdd Systems Extensions or Modules → deselect Hide Beta Versions → then select SUSE Package Hub 15 x86_64 and proceed by following the wizard.

*If you do not have a beta registration for SLES 15 Beta, you need to request one to

General Information

SUSE Package Hub is a free of charge extension providing access to community maintained packages built to run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Built from the same sources used in the openSUSE distributions, these quality packages provide additional software to what is found in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server product.

Packages from the Package Hub are delivered without L3 support from SUSE. General updates and fixes to the packages in SUSE Package Hub are provided by the openSUSE community based on their discretion though SUSE will monitor and ensure that any known critical security issues will be addressed. However packages in the Package Hub are approved by SUSE for use with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 and to not interfere with the supportability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server it’s modules and extensions.

For more information about SUSE Package Hub please visit

List all available packages

After enabling the SUSE Package Hub 15 on your server, you can use the following zypper command to list all available packages in the SUSE-PackageHub-15 repository:

# zypper packages –repo SUSE-PackageHub-15
Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…
S | Repository | Name | Version | Arch
| SUSE-PackageHub-15 | R-KernSmooth| 2.23.15-1.10| x86_64
| SUSE-PackageHub-15 | R-MASS| 7.3.47-1.10| x86_64
| SUSE-PackageHub-15 | R-Matrix| 1.2.12-1.10| x86_64
| SUSE-PackageHub-15 | R-Matrix-devel| 1.2.12-1.10| x86_64
| SUSE-PackageHub-15 | R-base| 3.4.3-1.10| x86_64
| SUSE-PackageHub-15 | R-base-devel| 3.4.3-1.10| x86_64
| SUSE-PackageHub-15 | R-boot| 1.3.20-1.10| x86_64


SLE 15 Public Beta Program

If you want to know more about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Beta, please visit:

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