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Simplified Networking, Security and Observability for Rancher Kubernetes Engine with Calico



Amit Gupta, VP Business Development and Product Management, Tigera
Dhiraj Sehgal, Director Product and Solution Marketing, Tigera

Tigera is the industry leader in security and observability for Kubernetes and containers. Tigera is also the inventor and maintainer of open-source project Calico. With an active development and user community for providing Kubernetes and container networking, security, and observability, Calico is the most widely adopted solution for Kubernetes networking and security, powering 1.5M+ nodes daily across 166 countries.

SUSE has chosen to add open-source Calico container network interface (CNI) as an option for Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) 2, enabling consistent Kubernetes network policy definition and enforcement.

Calico provides highly scalable, high-performance and resource-efficient networking and security for Kubernetes and containers that works across multi-cloud and hybrid environments with support for multiple data planes, such as eBPF, Linux and Windows.

With Calico, users get a single solution for Kubernetes and container networking and security that many enterprises want in their multi, hybrid-cloud and multi-cluster environments.

RKE2 enables enterprises to deploy Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure, including on premises, cloud, and near edge. Kubernetes’ networking, security, and observability for such deployments are critical to prevent an organization’s exposure to a multitude of security and compliance issues and open-source Calico addresses this requirement.

SUSE Rancher users will be able to configure their RKE2 Kubernetes cluster for both network flow and security policy and will benefit from simplified, consistent, networking, security and observability across their Kubernetes platforms with Calico

Enterprises get additional features with Calico Cloud and Calico Enterprise to address performance hotspots, troubleshoot workload, microservice, namespace and pod communication, and do ML-driven anomaly detection and can also:

  • Create, preview, stage, and deploy networking and security policies across hybrid and multi-clouds
  • Evaluate security policies with real-time metrics across tiers and within individual policy rules
  • Observe point-to-point topographical representation of traffic between namespaces, services, and deployments for faster troubleshooting

To learn more about Calico, signup for 14-days free trial of Calico Cloud.

Amit Gupta, VP Business Development & Product Management

Amit is responsible for the strategy and vision of Tigera’s products and leading the delivery of our roadmap. He is a hands-on product executive with deep expertise building software products and services across various domains including cloud security, cloud native applications, public and private cloud infrastructure. Prior to Tigera, Amit has had various product leadership roles at CloudPassage, VMware, Cisco, Ensim (acquired by Ingram Micro). He has an MBA from Haas School of Business and B. Tech in Mech. Engineering from IIT Kanpur.

Dhiraj Sehgal, Director of Product Marketing

Dhiraj is Director of Product Marketing at Tigera. His expertise lies in effectively communicating cloud-native and SaaS technology to customers and Dhiraj is knowledgeable on a wide range of topics including networking, storage, the data layer, compute, virtualization, and data management platforms. Dhiraj has worked in product and technical marketing, product management, customer success and engineering, and he holds four patents on data center technologies (storage, networking, and server).

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