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siga: System Information GAthering


Applies to:

  • SUSE Linux 10.0
  • SUSE Linux Professional 9.2-9.3
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

PROBLEM: As part of my job as a support Engineer I often need to get a detailed output of the configuration of a system. Trying to travel around a customers system copying configuration files was a very tedious time-consuming process.

SOLUTION: That was until I discovered “siga”!

This useful command grabs all the configuration files on a system and saves them in one, easy to navigate webpage. When running it you have the option to open it with a variety of browsers, save it to a directory or storage media, or (coolest of all) even open it in a remote display!

Also if you don’t want to see every configuration file on a system you can specify which subsystem you want the configuration files of, e.g. sound, modem, mail, usb etc.

To have the output directed to a Konqueror type “siga kon”. Want more info or examples? Simply type “man siga”.

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