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Shift and Lift; Light or Heavy Duty?


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Datacenter Transformation – The markets you or your customer operate in are demanding you to stretch your data center capabilities to the max. You have to be able to respond faster than ever before. You need to assure high quality levels. And you are required to flex instantly when required. Who said life was going to be easier with enhanced levels of technology?

When it comes to infrastructure you have to juggle your compute, storage and networking such that the allocation of each part is allocated at the right time and in the right place; physically, dedicated and virtually, on- and off-premise, hosted private and hosted public. In straight forward infrastructures this is already challenging let alone in complex ones.

This transformation also impacts the business, service and support models of service providers. MSP Mentor published a blog – Effectively Moving Customers to the SDDC – recently, that clearly maps out the areas Service Providers should keep on top of. An important takeaway here is that it’s not just about the technology. For IT pros to affect the results of their business, they need to work closely with the Lines of Business (LOB) in order to do that effectively. In fact they can play a key role to close the gap between IT and the LOBs.

From a technology standpoint you can start transforming your data center with a software defined infrastructure, with SUSE solutions as the foundation. It allows you to capitalize on your existing infrastructure, which helps you reduce costs. And it offers you the tools and automation you need to stay in control of infrastructure resources. This webinar outlines open source technologies available to do so, like OpenStack, Docker containers and Ceph.

Is it light or heavy duty? It depends. However all big things start small. To start small, just spend a couple of minutes to explore the path you could start following. Learn more here.


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