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By Bryan Keadle

In a previous article, I explained how to create colorful PXE boot menus. I provided a number of different color “flag background” images as part of the downloadable package:

However, perhaps you might have taken the time to create your own creative, custom backgrounds. I noted in the article that actually creating these images and getting them to convert to the .LSS format so that the colors appeared correctly was perhaps the most difficult part developing these PXE boot menus. If you created your own colorful background images and menus, why not share your creativity with other like-minded tweakers?!

Our friends at Novell have kindly offered this place for sharing our PXE Boot menu configurations. They’ll even send you a T-shirt for your contribution! From here we can download others’ work and simply “plug” them into our PXE menu systems. It would be fun and interesting to see (and use) others’ creative themes. I would particularly appreciate some Novell-themed creations.

To show off and share your contribution, please provide:

  1. The source .GIF of your background (which will also be used as the thumbnail image of your contribution)
  2. The .LSS file of your converted .GIF
  3. If you had to do some “tweaking” of the colors in the Convert2LSS.cmd to get the correct color conversion of your .GIF to .LSS, please provide the set variables you used, eg:
  4. set COLORS=%LTGREY%^=2 %DRKPURPLE%^=8
  5. If you have an associated menu file (F#.txt) to go with your background image, include that too so we can copy your escape codes for the colored menu text you used ZIP these up to a single file and email it to

Not only will you receive a cOOl T-shirt for your contribution, but may your creativity and generosity be further rewarded with rave peer reviews and many downloads!

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