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The Power of Many: Provide 30,000 meals to the Victims of the War in Ukraine


SUSE is turning 30 in September! To commemorate this milestone, we have announced at SUSECON Digital 2022 that we’re partnering with ShareTheMeal, an organization of the United Nations World Food Program, to provide 30,000 meals for people who are affected by the war in Ukraine. This includes millions of refugees in their own country and in Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe.  

Last month, I had the great honor of sitting down with Désirée Elchebeir, Managing Director of ShareTheMeal, in her office in Berlin. You can watch our conversation during SUSECON here 




What struck me from our chat is the world-changing power of conviction. ShareTheMeal started in 2015 as the brainchild of two employees of the World Food Program. With a simple belief that the act of charitable giving should be frictionless and transparent, they set out to democratize and simplify donations through technology.  

Where in the not so distant past, making donations might mean sitting through clunky processes and implicitly trusting that organizations will always optimize how donations are applied – the reason why ShareTheMeal is so special to me because is they’ve successfully created a modern, frictionless and transparent experience that also places control within the donors’ hands.    

Today, users on the ShareTheMeal platform can contribute as little as 70 cents (Euros) to a cause of their choice within seven seconds flat. Anyone with a mobile phone gets to donate in a few taps. All contributions go straight to work, reaching the many areas of the world where help is needed most.  

And my favorite part? ShareTheMeal ensures that donors not only get to decide where their money goes, but that they also get to see how that money is used.  Frictionless and transparent. There is no wonder why ShareTheMeal was one of the reasons the UN World Food Program was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020. 

To me, ShareTheMeal is a reminder that while big ideas can germinate from the simplest of convictions, real-world innovations ultimately take root from big ideas with the power of many. ShareTheMeal embodies the power of conviction and community, and SUSE lives these values every day.  

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Désirée and will consider joining us in providing 30,000 meals to people affected by the war in Ukraine! 

It’s easy to get involved:  

  1. Scan the QR code 
  1. Download the app 
  1. Open the SUSE Challenge to donate – 0,80 USD / 0,70 EUR per meal 
  1. You can provide as many meals as you wish; each will make a big difference to a fellow-human in need. 


 More about ShareTheMeal 

As a start-up within the UN World Food Program, ShareTheMeal builds on more than 20,000 people from UN WFP where there is need to help, collaborating with other UN organisations and many other humanitarian organizations – in conflict and natural disaster zones and in many countries around the world to fight famine. Besides overseeing operations and logistics of food delivery, ShareTheMeal provides access to cash, when the local economic system collapses, and people no longer have access to their bank accounts. 



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