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Share-ing the News: the Mainframe is Back!


Linux One MainframeWhat seems like a hundred years ago, I started in the technology business.  My first job was as a computer operator for an IBM S/390 mainframe computer for a large networking company.  The years zipped by and I now find myself at SUSE as the Product Marketing Manager for system Z and LinuxOne.  My how things have come full circle!

While the mainframes of today have transformed and are not quite the behemoths of yesteryear, the purpose of the mainframe is still the same – providing customers with increased security, fast processing time for large amounts of data, high availability, and rock-solid stability.

Mainframes today like IBM LinuxOne and system Z provide unprecedented privacy and security for your infrastructure with encryption everywhere and instant recovery.  And the best part is you can run your favorite Linux distribution on these systems – SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for system Z and LinuxOne

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for system Z and LinuxOne provides you with an enterprise-class, highly reliable, scalable and secure open source server operating system.  And it’s built to power physical, virtual and cloud-based mission-critical workloads.  So now you have the best of both worlds – the open source distribution you want, coupled with the security and computer processing power you need.

Winter (Share) is Coming

Which brings me to Winter Share in Fort Worth, February 23-28.  If you are going, be sure to stop by the SUSE booth to learn more about SUSE on the mainframe. At our kiosk, SUSE will be sharing how the power of open source can provide an innovation platform for your business.

In addition, we are proud to be represented in two sessions showcasing SUSE innovation for modernizing your data center.

What’s New with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Z and LinuxOne

Presented by Kai Dupke, SUSE Product Manager, this session reviews how SUSE Linux Enterprise Server simplifies your data center.  With SUSE’s multimodal approach, you have complete flexibility.  You can choose to run a traditional data center, a software defined environment or a mix — all with the same operating system.  Accelerate your path to digital transformation with open source that flexes to your needs.

Learn about SUSE’s strategy for the multimodal IT and how the recently released SUSE Linux Enterprise versions can help you efficiently manage your IT.

Pervasive Encryption and Kernel Live Patching with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Presented by Mike Friesenegger, Solution Architect, this session provides a technical introduction in enabling and using Pervasive Encryption and Linux kernel live patching.  Mike will demonstrate the pervasive encryption that enhances data security.  In this session, he will showcase the soon to be released SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching for system Z and LinuxONE.  Live patching is uniquely SUSE and improves system uptime.

Open Mainframe Project

As a founding member of the Open Mainframe Project (OMP), SUSE will be proudly representing our contribution.  The OMP promotes the rejuvenation of the mainframe.  At our booth, you can learn how the mainframe enables virtualization, cloud, containerization, and cryptography. In other words, technology that promotes digitalization of your business.

In particular, SUSE is an active participant in the Feilong (IaaS for z/VM) project.  Additionally, we also mentor OMP projects for Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry.

Everything Old is New Again

When I left my job as a computer operator, who knew I’d be talking about mainfraimes 25 years later?  However, I am excited to be a part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server team for system Z and LinuxOne.  Be sure to check us out at Share!System Z Mainframe

Not going?  Check out these key resources:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Z and LinuxONE

Open Mainframe Project Feilong

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